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Is there such a thing as a free education?

I've just signed up for a free class at Coursera. The topic is The Modern World: Global History since 1760.

I first learned about Coursera a few months ago. I got all excited about it, and immediately signed up for a course on statistics. I also immediately re-learned a lesson about poor timing—alas, the perfect time to sign up for a college-level course is not when you're in Sweden for work. So I unregistered, but I'm happy to be giving it another try, this time for a class that Jesse and I chose together.

One thing I find attractive is Coursera's philosophy that education isn't over when you are handed a piece of paper. Perhaps it's because I never got that piece of paper, or perhaps it's because I'm a programmer, which is not a terrific field for resting on one's laurels. Anyhow, this notion of a world where people are constantly learning sounds pretty groovy to me.

I'd say I'll let you know how it goes, but that would be a lie. At best, it would be an expression of honest intention, but not one I can guarantee that I'll follow through on. I can guarantee that I'll think about it a lot, though!


Monday, January 7, 2013
rubber ducky
I took a course from Udacity last year, and I highly recommend it. I had decided that the commercials during the political talk shows on MSNBC were too long, and I needed to make better use of my time. So I took the Intro to CS because it uses Python, which I wanted to brush up on. Very enjoyable. My intentions of doing a follow-up course were waylaid by freak storms, power outages, holidays, and other aspects of real life.
Monday, January 7, 2013
Enjoy your class. I regret I learn far too little these days. Although I was pleased to recently learn that the Galapagos marine iguana has a special nasal gland to filter excess salt from it's diet. The salt is expelled from the nostril in salt sneezes, often leading to accumulation of salt in white patches on the iguana's head. Pretty awesome! If I ever decide to become an eccentric super villain, I think I will insist on eating salt exclusively collected from the top of the head of a marine iguana. Eccentric stunts aside, it is still heartening to reflect that at least some of the salt we ingest from common sources, statistically stands a chance of having spent some time on a marine iguana's head. Ah, the circle of life.
Monday, January 7, 2013
Rubber Ducky, I think it's pretty cool that you took an online class to brush on Python. I will have to check out Udacity.

Howdy, I think you should start up a marine iguana salt farm. You'd be a dozenaire in no time at all.