You know, for dorks.

Farewell to Portland icon Kirk Reeves

Mickey Mouse #3234
Photo by bryanpearson

Anybody who traveled over the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland in the last few years probably saw Kirk Reeves wearing his white tuxedo and Mickey Mouse ears. He was a fixture on the bridge. As thousands of cars, cyclists, and pedestrians flooded past him each day, he entertained with his trumpet or his bag of magic tricks. My favorite was when the bridge went up so that the sidewalk filled up with dozens of waiting cyclists. He would play the Jeopardy theme song while we waited, then switch to the William Tell Overture when the gates went up and everyone raced for the far side.

According to various news sources, our Mickey Mouse man suffered from depression and ended his life on Sunday, November 4. I'm saddened by this, and strongly suspect there are many others in Portland who will miss him.